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Is Microcurrent Right For Me?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

This article is perfect for anyone considering a microcurrent facial. Learn about the method and its benefits, as well as things to know before your appointment.

microcurrent facial, cornelius, nc
Microcurrent Facial, Facial Fitness LLC

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

Facial microcurrent is a natural alternative to Botox that’s proven to combat the signs of aging while stimulating collagen production. The best part is, you can feel its effects after the first treatment (and when it comes to anti-aging, immediate results are always the best). Essentially, it’s a complementary therapy that aims to rejuvenate facial muscles and improve skin tone by sending mild electrical signals through the skin via micro-current. An experienced esthetician can use this technology to target specific areas for treatment or address issues such as acne scarring or even stretch marks.

Is Microcurrent Right for Me?

If you’re wondering “is microcurrent right for me?” let me give you a quick answer. Absolutely! This treatment is appropriate for all skin types, and improves a variety of skincare issues no matter your age or lifestyle. If you suffer from the occasional dry skin patch, sun spots, or laugh lines…or if you just want fantastic skin in general, this treatment is definitely for you.

At Facial Fitness LLC, our specialty is in Microcurrent Facial Toning & Sculpting! We are located in Cornelius, NC and are proud to have treated and created many of the tighter, more toned and lifted beautiful faces in the Lake Norman and greater Charlotte area. Come in for your initial treatment and find out how Facial Fitness can help you correct the signs of aging and decelerate the aging process. The results speak for themselves!


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